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Our motto says it all (just in latin)…  REVIRESCO

“Reviresco” is the latin term that was chosen by the Clan MacEwen centuries ago to be part of their family crest.   Today, the McCuen Group still identifies with this powerful concept.

In English, Reviresco is translated several ways:   “I am renewed”;  “I grow strong again”;  “I flourish again”.  At The McCuen Group, we believe that from the moment each of us was conceived, we were blessed with special gifts that gave us great value.  We often have the best sense of that purpose when we are young.  Then “life happens” and for most people that purpose is set aside, lost or forgotten.  We want to help you get it back and take steps to accomplish it.


Who We Are

The McCuen Group was founded in 2019 by Geoff and Michelle McCuen.  

Geoff is a graduate of the Krannert School of Management from Purdue University and from the Leighton School of Business at Indiana University (South Bend).  He is both SPHR and SHRM-SCP certified.

Michelle is a graduate of Indiana University (South Bend) and the Notre Dame School of Law.  She is a member of the Indiana Bar Association.

Both are certified speakers, coaches and trainers with the John Maxwell Team.

Our Approach

In some ways each of us is like a seed.  Within us is a complex “plan” to become something bigger.  As we grow physically (or age) we have a unique set of experiences that influence the execution of that “plan”.  Mostly, we reap the rewards and consequences of our own choices.  We work with you to help YOU discover that “plan”.

Our Story

Our staff has had a significant amount of “real world” experience before they join our team.  Their various careers and extensive array of volunteer work give them a unique appreciation for people in every stage of life.  


Next Steps

We would love to hear from you and discuss your dreams, goals and objectives to discover how best we can serve you.

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